Sunday, November 23, 2008

We (Don't) Got Wood.

Man, first they get there sorry asses swept -- again! -- in the playoffs, and now they announced they're not going to re-sign Kerry Wood.

I saw him throw a 3-2 yacker once to Todd Helton from the Rockpile at Coors Field that made my knees buckle a half-a-mile away. Helton never had a chance. And I know the guy had his detractors, but speaking frankly, they're [expletive deleted]ing morons -- who never struck out twenty guys in one ball game while allowing no walks and one hit that on any other day could have been an error, or tried to win more than fifteen games in a season with a collection of Molotov cocktails in the bullpen.

Screw them. And screw the Cubs.

I'm done.

So long Woody.

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Jack Shaftoe said...

And now I'm hearing rumblings about the team being sold...kinda makes it hard to remain a fan.