Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tune-Age Tuesdays!

"Rock and Roll!!!!!"

For those uninitiated, that was Guitar Wolf's cover of "Rumble."

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Quote of the Week:

"My cat's breath smells like my other cat's butt."

-- Osco Sean

Friday, July 25, 2008

Trailer Park Fridays

This week, a couple of blasts from two swingin' and swanky 1960's spies and sci-fi epics.

First up, secret-agent Mike Connors tries to foil the nefarious plot of a mad scientist intent on ending mankind and then re-creating it in his own image, literally, in (gotta love this title) Kiss the Girls and Make them Die:

And then we head into outer-space with cranky space-commander Robert Horton whose orbiting satellite has come down with a bad case of The Green Slime:

And since we kinda blew off Tune-Age Tuesdays this week, I'll wrap this up with The Green Slime's groovin' theme song. Enjoy...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Need Another Laugh?

Here ya go:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Need a Laugh?

Here ya go:

Go no clue, either. Sorry.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Open Letter to MLB Commisioner Bud Selig

Dear Bud,

Great game last night, huh? Yeah, I'm still not sure how the N.L. got out of that base loaded, no out jam, either. Crazy, I know! But you wanna know what's even crazier? If Corey Hart's throw from right field had been about six-inches more on target, Jason Moron would have been out at the plate in the bottom of the 15th inning, just sliding under Brian McCann's tag (-- or was that Justin Morneau? ESPN could not confirm this name check, too busy trying to track down Josh Hamilton for an another interview about his former crack-cocaine habit, or were too busy trying to dry-hump the facade of Yankee Stadium...I got conflicting reports, here.)

Yeah, that's right, Bud. They could still be playing. While that wouldn't have bothered me any, as the game was that exciting. Despite Dan Uggla's bad night at second base, defense and pitching were lights-friggin' out, and put on quite a show. And if that throw had been a just a little more on target, my gosh, we could be starting the bottom of the 27th right now.

Now I know you were a little embarrassed by the infamous tie-game a few years back, which started this whole home-field advantage crap being decided by the winner of the All-Star Game, but it almost happened again last night: a grueling extra-inning tie. That'd be almost twice in a span of a little over five years. And since it "counts," there's a chance that this exhibition game is gonna run into these same problems next year, and the year after that etc. etc. etc.

So here's an idea: set a ten-inning limit. That way we don't destroy any pitchers and prevent a few gastrointestinal problems for the managers. And in the case of a tie after ten-innings, the rule should clearly state that Home Field Advantage for the World Series will then be determined by which team has the better record. Now there's a novel idea. And if by some quirk they have the same record, well, Bud, time to flip a coin. National League - heads. American League - tails.

Pretty simple, Bud.

Sincerely, Your Buddy, Chad

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tune-age Tuesdays (7/15)

As you've probably noticed if you've been tuning in for awhile, I'm very big on instros when it comes to music that I like and enjoy. Can't explain it, just the way it is. And here's a couple more courtesy of drummer Sandy Nelson and guitarist Richie Allen.

First up, "Let There Be Drums":

And second,"Teen Beat" -- plus a little eye-candy courtesy of Vargas and the pin-up irregulars:

Picture Monday 7/14

Snakes in a Drain.
No, I don't think the water is supposed to be that color, either. (Note the vintage '77 Kenner Millennium Falcon and the battle damage sustained in The Battle of Bicandabutane-6 back in '81.)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Round Beeping Thing.

That's right, the Telstar-One satellite was launched on June 10 back in 1962. So let's all raise a glass in toast to a Round Beeping Thing, and celebrate what could be in store for us in the future and forget for just one day what probably will be our future with a little help from Mr. Joe Meek and The Tornados.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trailer Park Fridays (7/11)

Gonna do a little compare and contrast this go around by viewing the domestic and international trailers for the same movie.

First up, the American trailer for Mario Bava's Blood and Black Lace:

And now the French trailer for
Sei donne per l'assassino:

Man, no matter what the language, I truly love that flick.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Flickr Poster Archive Update:

Okay, managed to get a whole butt-load of new poster images uploaded onto Flickr for your viewing pleasure. This time around, we salute and focus on the wide and varied career of Italian (and my personal favorite) filmmaker Mario Bava: Thrillers, mysteries, murder, mayhem, vampires, aliens, alien vampires, westerns, spies, brutes, babes, swords, sandals, knives -- you name it, he filmed it and captured them like no other before or since. And not just the American release posters, either; nope, this update definitely has an international flavor to it.

Please enjoy the brand new Il Mondo Cinematografico di Mario Bava!

And if you're just joining us, feel free to check out my B-Movie Poster Archive.

More to come, including a tribute to American International Pictures, Slashers, and '70s disaster movies. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Need a laugh?

Here ya go:

Damn but if that isn't hilarious.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tuneage Tuesdays (7/8)

Ladies and gentlemen, Screaming Lord Such and the Savages.

Dracula's Daughter:

Jack the Ripper:

Man, that is one thing I really miss the most about the old AMC, the American Pop series and The Scopitones buffers and bumpers. *sigh*

Monday, July 07, 2008

Picture Monday (6/7)

Happy 100th Birthday, Grandma!

The Tally thus far: 5 Children; 19 Grandchildren; 34 Great-grandchildren (and counting) and 6 Great-Great-Grandchildren (and counting.)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Quote of the Week:

"Like my grandfather used to say, "Many things may look bleak at the moment of there occurrence, but at least we ain't got locusts".

-- Sgt. Nick Yemana
(Barney Miller)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tuneage Tuesdays: 7/1

Got into one of those bar arguments that you can only have in a bar after you've been slinging them back for several hours a few weeks ago, and the topic for this heated discussion, actually usurped from nearby table, was "Who was the greatest American Rock and Roll band?" And after giggling at the other table's conclusion that it was either The Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin, my friend Dale and I commenced to comprise a true list of Yankee thunder and twangers. When the dust settled, and it was depressing how hard it was to come up with ten worthy contestants, we were deadlocked on who was number one. Dale thought it was Aerosmith, while I said it was The Ramones. There songs are too short, he said. They hadn't done shit since Permanent Vacation, I said. Dale argued that my choice didn't have enough commercial success, while I argued his band should be penalized several spots -- if not outright banned from the list, for that frakkin' love theme from Armageddon. His foundation weakened, I proceeded to destroy it by saying if we used his criteria of success then the greatest American band ever was either The Monkees or N'Synch.

Game. Set. Match.